The whole family is invited to the free second annual 'Let it Glow' Christmas light event taking place at Grant Memorial Church in Winnipeg.  

Ian Smith is the Marketing Coordinator for the event. 

"The first one was last year," says Smith. "We host people to drive through our property as they do that, we have a musical production. We have a huge LED Christmas tree that dances to the music. We have a whole bunch of lights around the church and this year we've added a video wall."

The idea for the event came from the pandemic when people couldn't gather in person. This drive-thru idea offered people a touch of Christmas without leaving the warmth of their cars. 

"We have volunteers serving treats and snacks and leaving people with a free gift as well. People have an opportunity at the end to just sit in their vehicle. They would tune into the radio station right there on site and listen to the music, watch the tree, and enjoy their snacks."

Smith shares how many people drive out to the Lindenwoods area of Winnipeg each December to take in the lights as a family. He says this is a great stop and addition on the way there. 

'Let it Glow' takes place December 9-12 and 16-19 from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m at 877 Wilkes Ave. 

"Christmas is one of those seasons where people feel comfortable and actually seek out going to church to hear the music and to listen to the message behind Christmas. People can get into the Christmas spirit before they head off and do other Christmas things."