Dr. Kara Powell and her co-author Dr. Steven Argue have spent thousands of hours of research and interviews to help you grow with your children as they age. 

Building on 10,000 hours of research, over 1,300 interviews and focus groups, and decades of world-class scholarship from the Fuller Youth Institute, co-authors Kara Powell and Steven Argue tackle the ever-evolving challenges and the unique opportunities parents of 13-to 29-year-olds face in their landmark book, Growing With: Every
Parent’s Guide to Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Thrive in their Faith, Family, and Future.

According to Powell and Argue, “When it comes to relationship with God, us, and our world, it’s never too early or too late to fight for your child, not against them.” By combining their research-based savvy with their own parenting highs and lows, the authors propose a new parenting posture: “We as parents need to take steps toward our teenagers and young adults in a mutual journey of intentional growth that trusts God to transform us all.”

In Growing With, Powell and Argue empower parents with three new strategies to help their young people have better connections with their family, faith, and world. These three breakthrough concepts, completely unique to Growing With, are applicable to every family.

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