A concerned family is offering a $1,000 reward to find a cat that may have jumped out of their vehicle at a Winnipeg rest stop near the Assiniboia Downs.

A family travelling by vehicle from Fort McMurray in Alberta to Newfoundland says that along the way their cat, Oliver, snuck out while they were stopped on Monday at the Flying J gas station at 4100 Portage Avenue. 

"We stopped at the FLYING J on Portage Ave, and he jumped out of the car, unfortunately, no one saw him get out there but that is the last stop we made before Kenora Ontario, and he was with my daughter prior to that," Rochelle Rae shares in her Facebook post.

While the family says it did not see their pet leave the vehicle, it was the only spot they visited in between last seeing Oliver and noticing his absence while in Kenora. 

"It was dark when we were unloading, But if he was here he would be around," she says. "I searched around here but nothing."

Rae says that her family is devastated by the loss.

Searching for 12 hours in Winnipeg, Rae's husband's efforts were unsuccessful and had to return to the road. While the chance of reuniting is not high, the family is hopeful.

"My daughters are heartbroken, and I’m just beside myself in all this."

Over 5,900 people have since shared her missing post on Facebook.

The family says Oliver is very friendly, neutered, and has a distinct meow.