Heavy rain on Saturday flooded the streets of Kildonan and a church basement.

After a downpour flooded the local streets, River East MB Church found it's own basement flooded when the sewer backed up.

"All our sinks got backed up and sewer water came pouring into the church basement," said Pastor Mary Anne Isaak.

While there are already people working on it, the basement will not be usable for the next couple weeks, which will affect their day camp.

"I'm really impressed with the young leaders," Isaak said. "They have put an action plan together basically overnight so we're adapting to use different parts of the church over the next two weeks.

Isaak said she is very happy this happened in summer, because the basement isn't being used on Sunday mornings.

"If this is going to happen, this is the very best time for it to happen," she said.

The carpets have been completely ripped out and there is potential for mould in the walls as well. Isaak is hoping to be back in the basement within three weeks, but said she isn't certain how long this will take.

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