The City of Winnipeg has created a draft design for the improvements proposed for north Henderson Highway, they are waiting for Winnipeggers to review it and provide feedback.

Improvements for north Henderson Highway began in October 2021 in Phase 1 and throughout the past year and a half, the community has provided feedback on how the area can be renovated to better safety, traffic flow and livability from Gilmore Avenue to the north city limit at Glenway Avenue.

The initial response from Winnipeggers allowed professionals to create a rough draft design for Phase 2 in 2022, and now the City is engaging Phase 3 with the recommendations from the previous phase.

The design is based on technical analysis, traffic studies and feedback given from Phase 2. With Phase 3 now underway, Winnipeg residents are being asked to confirm the recommended design and judge whether its components would make travel through, and life in the area better.

The design recommends:

  • How the roadway could better serve traffic, utilities, and drainage
  • A plan to replace the Bunn’s Creek crossing
  • How best to safely, efficiently, and accessibly move all types of road users
  • A better access plan for cars turning into and off Henderson Highway

These improvements are unique to the city area, as it is a major route, a neighbourhood connection, and a residential corridor that transports people, goods, and services with diverse needs.

Winnipeggers can provide feedback via an online survey open through May 31, 2023, or at a public open house on May 17, 2023.

For a view of the drafted design, click here.