For most people, deciding to bike your way across a country isn’t a popular vacation destination.

Our guest today would say otherwise. This summer, Miriam Huebner, Winnipegger and current student at Canadian Mennonite University, took on the journey of biking 6,024 km across the United States with the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions, an organization that strives to create conversations about the climate crisis.

Starting in Seattle and ending in Washington DC, Miriam biked over 100 km every day for two months. 

Along the way they stopped and talked to different communities to learn about their experiences.  So, what do you learn when you live on the whim of nature for two months riding a bike? Take a listen to find out.


Kara LeBlanc is a student at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg. This feature was produced as part of a partnership between CMU and CHVN in the school's Communications & Media program.