According to comedian Matt Falk, Mennonites shouldn't really even be celebrating this week. Oh ba yo!

Falk - who didn't even realize what week it was - says, "I think it is very Mennonite that I didn't know about it.

"I think that if you're a true Mennonite, you would be way too humble to know when a week is supposed to be celebrating you. ... If you're a true Mennonite, then this whole week would have slipped totally under the radar."

Food, says Falk, is the best way to celebrate the Mennonite culture. Whether it is perogies, schmauntfat, or any other Mennonite fare from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook cookbook: "Just eat until you can feel your arteries hardening. When you feel your heart slow down a little bit, and you know you have had too much, just eat."

For Falk, he doesn't need a week to celebrate his heritage. "Every day is Mennonite Heritage Week for me. Every day is a whole week of Mennonite heritage packed into it."

Why is the comedian such a high authority on the topic of celebrating Mennonite culture? He was in a movie about it.

In the 20 minute documentary, That Mennonite Joke, Matt Falk says, "it is a beautiful little into our culture. It's a documentary about Mennonite humour."