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If you're like me, the last thing you want to stress over is your future and having enough money for it. After all, that's like 10, 25, 40 years from now - depending. There are more pressing matters to deal with and worry about.

If that's how you feel, I have one piece of advice for you.

Then Don't Stress Over It. You don't need to.  At least not yet anyway. 

Just do one thing now and you'll be okay. 

Put money aside every month for your future, and find a strong and stable place for it to grow (one meeting with a financial advisor can help you find a good place to grow your money). If you do that, the rest is a piece of cake. You won't need to worry. You won't need to stress. You can just let your money grow without doing anything. 

But the key is to actually do nothing. Do not do anything else with that money. Don't touch it. Don't spend it.

When you leave your money in a strong and stable investment, you take advantage of compound interest.

Compound interest is when interest is earned on previous interest earned, growing your money exponentially over time. 

Here's a great example:

Fresh Ground Financial

If you start with a penny and double your money every day for a month, halfway through the month you will only have $164. 15 days later you'll be a millionaire. But you will only become a millionaire if you do nothing with that money, if you leave your money alone to grow, if you don't touch it.

If at day 15 you decide to go for a nice dinner and spend the $164, the next day your money will not double to $327 and be worth over $5000 five days later (day 20). Instead, you will be starting again with a penny and you'll have a measly $0.16 five days later (day 5). 

Now, it's not likely you are going to double your money every day, or every year for that matter. That's not the point. The point is your money will grow more and more the more you save and the longer you leave it to grow. 

If you're like me, and you don't ever want to stress over your future finances, don't. Just set money aside regularly in a strong and stable investment, let compound interest do what it does, and grow your money without doing anything. 


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