Many Manitobans spend the summer on the water. The RCMP is reminding everyone how to be prepared and safe before heading out on the water. 

Especially for the first time of the season, it is important to make sure everything id in proper working order and anyone operating a motor boat in Canada must have a Pleasure Craft Operators Card.

The RCMP also reminds everyone that the Criminal Code Impaired driving laws include boats. "Significant skill is required to safely operate a boat, and the consumption of alcohol or drugs severely impacts your ability to do so. Many fatalities that occur on Canadian waterways involve people who are impaired," the RCMP said in a press release.

RCMP boat

Along with the Canadian Safe Boating Council, some important safety types are to wear a lifejacket while on the water, always boat sober, make sure you and your boat are prepared with all safety gear and enough fuel, check the weather before heading out on the water, take a boating course as boaters are required by law to possess a Pleasure Craft Operator Card in order to operate a motorized boat.

“Having all the safety equipment required in your vessel is so important”, said Sergeant David Portelance, Marine Advisor for the Manitoba RCMP in a press release. “It is also important to know exactly where it is, so when an emergency occurs you can access it quickly. We want everyone to have a safe boating season.”