Evangelical leaders in British Columbia have banded together and signed a document designed to push back against current sex education programs in schools aimed at children as young as five-years-old. 

The West Coast Christian Accord (WCCA) was unveiled on Thursday, September 27 after Christian leaders spent 21 days in prayer and fasting. 200 pastors and 1,000 Christian leaders signed the 14-point document.

At the heart of the pushback is the sex-ed curriculum known as SOGI 123. The Christian Post reports that "the WCCA initially began last fall when pastors across the province began to meet and share stories about what was happening in schools and the effort continued to grow as more horror stories emerged about children being bullied by their teachers who were pushing SOGI123. Concern grew as churches began to be targeted and some received threats."

The Accord says that it is a "document concerning the authority of scripture on gender identity and human sexuality." The WCCA outlines the authority of Jesus as the head of the Church, and Scripture to guide the lives of Christians.

The WCCA states that it was created "To help us re-establish what it means to be an ‘Evangelical Christian’ in a day and age when long-held, traditional beliefs, convictions, and lifestyles are rapidly changing; and 2) To help us establish a coalition of Pastors and leaders who are willing to stand together and act on these stated convictions."

The document says that by signing it, pastors and leaders are "committing the Leadership Influence I have been entrusted with to seek to rally as many Pastors, leaders, and people, as I can to fight to oppose the aspects of the SOGI 123 curriculum and policies that infringe on any person’s freedom to hold to the beliefs and worldviews expressed in the WCCA." The document also says that signatories agree to treat those that disagree with them with value and love, and to communicate with them "in grace and truth."