In anticipation of his upcoming album, Phil Wickham is releasing his most exciting song in the project this Friday.

On May 19, singer/songwriter Phil Wickham will release his newest single, "The Jesus Way."

In a social media post, Wickham showcases the cover of the song and shares some of the meaning of it.

"This song is very special to me. Out of all of the songs on my upcoming album, 'The Jesus Way' is the one I’m most excited to sing with the church. When we were designing the cover for this song there were a lot of directions we could have gone, but I’m so glad we landed on this. It’s a photo from my home church's recent baptism at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA. Baptism is the most beautiful and profound public display we have of a life saying 'I choose the Jesus Way.'"

Earlier this year, the singer released two other singles, "This is our God," and "Sunday is Coming," the latter being dedication to the Easter story. "The Jesus Way" is the third song he has released in anticipation of his upcoming album.

Back in April, Wickham returned from the Singalong Tour 2023 with Matt Maher and Leeland until mid-April.

"I can’t wait to share this song with you all and to see the story God has for it to unfold. Lord Jesus, we believe your way is the way that leads to life. It’s the best way. Help us to choose it today."