Manitoba artist Nathan Knell has always used music to connect with God. Now he hopes his new single can help others connect. 

Knell, a property manager and on-call firefighter in Steinbach by day, was raised by his grandparents on the other side of the world. A missionary kid, Knell spent most of his early life growing up in India and Nepal. It was there that he found music.

"That's where I started playing music," Knell said. "I've never been taught an instrument and it just kind of came."

Trapped inside because of the dangers outside, music became Knell's outlet. When he was 14, his brother ran away from home. The guitar became Knell's connection to God.

"It was a talent that He gave me, so it was an easy way to connect with God."

He started by playing drums before moving to guitar. Without music lessons, he was able to take those talents into songwriting. Then Knell took that songwriting to Canada when he moved back near the age of 15.

After high school, Knell went to Steinbach Bible College but didn't lose his passion for music.

"I always tell people I never practice music, I just play music," Knell smiled. "I'd rather lose sleep than not play music."

And losing sleep is definitely possible for Knell. He is still attending classes and has been for the past three years. Add to that his other two jobs, leading ministry at the church, and raising four kids with his wife, things get insane. Knell says he just takes things day by day.

"I try not to stress too much about things that are out of my control," Knell explained. "Ultimately God is in control and that releases a lot of the stress."

That's how Knell was able to write and produce his newest single, 'Never Let Me Go.' The song talks about the highs and lows of a marriage and staying together through it all.

"I wanted to create music a husband could sing to his wife without it being derogatory and that it would be honouring," Knell said about the new single. "It's a celebration of staying committed and not giving up."

Knell has a number of songs written and hopes he can continue to find time to write and sing.