After asking fans for prayers, Jeremy Camp is back at home, and recovering after having surgery on Monday for cardiac ablation.

The award-winning artist took to Instagram with his wife, Adrienne, to give fans an update.

"We're back home. It's very exciting to be back home. I didn't sleep last night, I had about an hour of sleep in the hospital. You [Adrienne] had four hours," Jeremy said to his wife. 

"Maybe,"  she said as she was laughing. "Not consecutively. We had some lovely, honestly incredible staff at the hospital. Just amazing. Not much sleep but we're not complaining. A lot of it was doing little cardio stuff and checking on Jeremy's health and all of his levels, blood pressure, and heart. It's all good!"


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"Procedure was successful," Jeremy said. "I want to explain this real quick. So I've been dealing with this for a few years and I had this crazy, rapid flutter. I went through a heart surgery last year, I didn't say anything to anybody."

Adrienne chimed in to explain, "It is full heart surgery but it's not invasive. It's not open heart surgery."

"I didn't say anything, we thought it would fix it. I went AFib for a little bit, a more dangerous heart arrhythmia during the surgery last year, to see if this really was the case. For about four weeks now, I started having these arrhythmia again. These heart beats that were 230 bpm for 30 minutes, and four weeks ago, it happened twice in one day where it was beating really really fast. And I realized as I took my ECG on my watch, because of that, they found out that I had AFib," Jeremy said.

Finding out that he had to do surgery, because of the danger level. "I went into AFib on Saturday night, I played on Saturday and it was bad. I had to walk off stage early and they had a medical team for me. I was just ready to get home, I wasn't even home, I was in California. I was just ready to get home and taken care of."

Debating if they would share what happened, Jeremy said, "Honestly, why would I not? You guys have been such amazing encouragement and support for so many years."

Realizing that his life is in God's hands and that God is stripping every ounce of control that he's holding onto has really led Jeremy to trust God in, "A beautiful way. It's been so rich, and it's grown me a lot closer to Jesus."

While the Camps are hoping that the surgery will fix the issue, it could come back in the next few months as he heals. 

Jeremy doesn't have much time to rest as he's heading out on tour next week with Caleb & John. 

"We asked the doctor and nurses multiple times, 'You need to understand. Jeremy doesn't just stand in one spot and sing, he's all over the place.' Multiple times, they gave the clearance to next week," Adrienne assured the fans.

She believes that letting everyone know helped it go smoothly. "Honestly, I do believe in the prayers of you guys," she said. "Waking up on Monday morning, knowing that thousands of you were praying, I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful the body of Christ is. Just us coming together, we really felt so carried and so cared for." 

"I felt such a peace. Getting my blood pressure after the surgery and it was normal, I felt such peace and that's not normal," Jeremy said. "To God be the glory in all this."