Jeremy Camp is out of surgery and it went well.

Camp went into surgery on Monday morning for cardiac ablation which he says, "leads to crazy heart rhythms making day-to-day activities hard, and making it difficult to breathe and function properly." 

Camp's wife, Adrienne Camp, shared multiple Instagram stories and a post giving updates to fans. 

Jeremy Camp(Adrienne Camp/ Instagram story)
Jeremy Camp(Adrienne Camp/ Instagram story)

Fans got to see a picture that Adrienne shared of Jeremy post-surgery saying "He’s resting and has to lay completely flat for a while. He’s enjoying being spoon-fed by me." 

The couple also shared how grateful they are for the medical staff that performed the surgery.


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Camp originally shared with fans on Sunday that he was going into surgery

While the surgery was a success, Camp continues to ask for prayers for recovery ahead of his The Theatre Tour, featuring Caleb & John, starting next week.