A former Pussycat Doll is opening up about the dark side of fame in Hollywood and what it cost her to follow God. 

"During an interview in 2017, I was asked what it's like being a Conservative," says Kaya Jones on a video interview with PragerU. "I just remember saying, 'I pray to Jesus' and the heat that ran through my body because I understood that this was going to be seen. I got phone calls that day from the industry saying 'I hope you know you can't walk that back.'"

Jones shares how in January of that year she was opening as a DJ for Calvin Harris and then by February she couldn't even get one job as a singer or DJ.


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"I was always a Christian but I really wasn't walking with the Lord. I feel like He was chasing me and I was running away from Him. But, during the worst times of my life, He was present."

Jones sang on a Jason Crabb record for the song 'Let It Be Love' in 2019. 

Previously singing in scantily clad music videos about promiscuity, among other things, she says, "[Let It Be Love] is the best song I've ever sung because I sang it for the Lord."

The Dark Side of Show Business

Jones opened up about having three abortions in her lifetime. The first time was when she was 16 years old, after 'the pill failed.' This was right before she auditioned and got a spot in the band Pussycat Dolls, after beating out 5,000 other singers. Throughout her time with the pop band, she became pregnant again and has shared that managers told her to 'get rid of it.' Having had an abortion already, Jones shares that at the time it didn't feel like a big deal. 

At the age of 30, Jones was raped and had her 3rd abortion after being conflicted about how to proceed. During an interview with the Students for Life of America podcast, Jones openly shared for the first time about all three abortions.

"As someone who's had an abortion, and I can contest to other women that I know who've had as well, we regret not having our child, our children. I do think that it's a really important issue to be speaking on now more so than ever because people are glorifying it and they're really giving you horrible advice."

After having terrible emotional and physical experiences with each abortion, Jones is now an avid pro-life advocate.

"Each one I've had to pray about, each one I've had to talk to God about. It has been a very private journey in getting my well-being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually intact. Nothing can make that go away other than God Himself when you lay it at His feet and ask for salvation on these issues."

On top of this trauma, Jones has shared publicly that her time as a Pussycat Doll was similar to a prostitution ring during the Speak Out with Christine Yeargin podcast interview. 

"What does being trafficked feel like? What does being prostituted feel like? It feels like you're a slave to your dream. The powers at be are holding the key to the kingdom. You are an owned commodity. What you eat and where you live, has been decided for you, including who you date, and if you can have a child. It comes to a point with the level of control that you ask, 'Who am I?' You're constantly put in these positions that are very unscrupulous for any young woman."

Jones says she couldn't count how many times she had to say no to advancements from men, with nobody in her corner to help protect her, while she was in the group.

"My whole life I felt like I didn't fit. Now that I'm working full-time for the Lord I finally feel like I fit. Don't compromise who you are for fame... ever!"

Before, Jones chased after fame and fortune. Now she aspires to make the name of Jesus famous, as well as have a family. 

"I hope to one day be able to be a mom. I hope to be a wife and to be able to share what I do believe is the greatest gift and ultimately the greatest job you will ever have on this planet as a woman is to be a mother."