Just two weeks after the birth of her fourth child, Roxanne Harris was diagnosed with a rare and devastating autoimmune disease.  

"I couldn't move anything in my body. The pain was so astronomical," said Roxanne. "I wasn't prepared for what it all entailed when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I kept thinking that, honestly, they would say the big C word."

It turned out to be ankylosing spondylitis, a condition that fuses your spine and crushes your internal organs. In her opinion, not much of a better diagnosis. 

Roxanne refused to submit to life in a wheelchair and began fighting for her life. 

"I called out to God. And I said, there has to be something on this earth that you have created that will help me because I will not get in the wheelchair. And this diagnosis will not be my life," Roxanne explained. "I tell people I would probably be dead without God."

Through God and natural medicine, Roxanne has not had to use a wheelchair and is now living a healthy life. 

She writes about it in her new book, Audaciously Alive. She shares her pain and most audacious moments of standing firm and not giving up. She highlights the keys to living well and gives insight and wisdom so that you can better see the traps and speed bumps that could derail you from your path to recovery. 

In today's episode of Connections, Roxanne gets in-depth about her experience helping others free themselves to have the audacity to live well and to bring to life their passions, desires, and dreams for the future.