Updated August 9, at 3:35 p.m.

Brooke Peters and Dakota Reimer have met Cain Burgess and his family. They presented them with a cheque of $13,500 from the proceeds of Brooke and Koda's Iced Tea stand fundraiser that was held on July 20-21 in Steinbach.


Brooke Peters, 12, and Dakota Reimer, 14, are returning for the fifth year with their iced-tea stand where all proceeds go towards cancer patients.

This year Peters and Reimer are donating the money to a 9-year-old boy, Cain Burgess, who has Osteogenic Sarcoma. This is the same cancer type that Canadian famous Terry Fox had.

"It was found in his tibia bone, so they did surgery to remove it to put a donor bone in. So, now he can't use that leg for another year. They live in Minnedosa, Manitoba, but they have to do all their treatments in Winnipeg from Tuesday to Friday so they're basically in Winnipeg," says Peters.

The idea was created when the two girls, who are cousins, were bored at home during the summer. Reimer suggested the idea of creating a lemonade stand, and Peters furthered that idea by saying they should do it to raise awareness for cancer care.

"We had a lot of relatives, like aunties and uncles going through cancer at the time," says Peters.

Along with iced tea and lemonade, the girls are selling a variety of other things.

"Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, iced tea, lemonade, water, and merch."

Red shirt with black logo that reads "Brooke and Koda's Iced Tea Stand"Red shirt with a black logo that reads "Brooke and Koda's Iced Tea Stand"

"On the back, it says 'helping our community $1 at a time," says Reimer.

The girls are selling their goodies for only $1, except for water which is 50 cents and the merchandise which is $20. The girls are accepting all forms of payment methods—cash, credit, debit, MasterCard, etc. 

For those wishing to grab a refreshing beverage and a sweet treat, Peters and Reimer's lemonade stand is open from July 20-21, located at 418 Walnut Street in Steinbach.

"We kind of just want every year to be bigger and better. So we're just hoping that the community helps us out," says Reimer.

Peters and Reimer want to acknowledge all the help and donations from local businesses that sponsor them and everyone in the community that has also helped out. 

Brooke Peters and Dakota Reimer's poster