International Justice Mission (IJM) is sharing the strides they're making for abused women in the country of Uganda.

"We’re celebrating the opening of a new survivor-friendly interview space and shelter for women and children who are victims of violence in Uganda," says IJM on Instagram.

The Christian ministry's mission is to help people escape human trafficking, while also helping to prevent it and counsel those coming out of it. 

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"After talking with the Ugandan police, we found that they needed a safe, private space to conduct interviews with women and children reporting violence and residential space for those who didn’t have any secure housing to return to when leaving violence."

That's when IJM decided to transform a police building into a safe space. 

"This survivor-friendly environment is designed to make the process of reporting to police a safe and supportive one. And, the model can be replicated across the country!"

Since the ministry has worked in Uganda, families are starting to thrive and feel safe again. IJM has helped significantly reduce land theft in the areas they work in as well.

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