A new documentary sharing the story behind the Grammy-winning, multi-platinum-selling Christian band Casting Crowns will hit theatres this week. 

The film Home by Sunday gives fans a front-row seat to the last two decades, showing the band's journey from a youth band to becoming one of Christian music's best-known bands.

When Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns, was approached to make this documentary, he says he fought it. 

"I was like, I don't really have any car chases or shootouts in my life. I don't know what the story is going to be. I'm just a youth pastor from McDonough, Georgia."

The more and more they chatted about it, the more his wife told him he needed to listen. Eventually, he said yes, but he had some goals for the film. 

"My goal is that people see what happens when less than ordinary people put their yes on the table and follow Jesus wherever he leads- because that's what happened."

Hall says building Casting Crowns wasn't something that they were shooting for. 

"We were the youth group band in our church, leading worship and working with kids. That's what we're still doing. God brought it to us."

Another thing Hall wanted was for the documentary to focus on their music and its impact on people around the world.

"If we're going to make this, we need to make it about the songs and talk about how God has used the songs in people's lives," said Hall.  

Since the release of their debut self-titled album back in 2003, the band has sold more than 13 million albums worldwide, earned 15 career No. 1 singles and received numerous awards, including one Grammy, 18 GMA Dove Awards, four American Music Awards and two Billboard Music Awards.

Even with all the awards, one of the most important things to the band was they were always home by Sunday to keep their local church commitments, hence the movie title. 

"We geared our tours to where we could leave youth group on Wednesday night, load up on the buses and head out but then roll in Sunday morning before church. For the last 20 years, we've been rolling in in time for sound check for worship on Sunday morning," said Hall. "That's why Home by Sunday is such a big deal because that's what we've been doing."

Mark says when people watch this documentary, he hopes people will see the value of the church.

"I want to see people taking what they have and what they can do, and putting it on the altar and saying, 'God, how can you use this?' That is the goal of this documentary," said Hall. "For people to see that God can use us all. He has a ministry for us all, and we need to get busy."

Home By Sunday is set to hit North American theatres, with limited screenings beginning Nov. 30.