While senior patients tend to have more dier outcomes, Dr. Brent Roussin says people of all ages can contract the virus.

Dr. Brent Roussin says that for the first time, an infant has contracted COVID-19. The Chief Public Health Officer says that this is uncommon, and they have not seen this in Manitoba before.

"There are not many newborns that we would have that were infected."

Since March, 758 children younger than 10 years old have contracted COVID-19.

Roussin says that Manitoba has been instances of women who have had COVID-19 while pregnant and while giving birth.

"There is certainly a risk for the infants to acquire it," he says. "This can affect anyone. There are different risk levels, but no one is risk-free."

Once everyone follows the public health advice, the restrictions will be in place for the short term, saying that the orders are not always going to be this strict.

"Our message is clear, our message that we give to all Manitobans earlier on to practice the fundamentals. It was for everyone."

Roussin says staying home is the best thing people can do to protect their young children.

Chief Nursing Officer Lanette Siragusa has been emphasizing that if health care is needed, to seek it. She says there is space in hospitals for care and they are ready to help.

Previously, someone with COVID-19 did not disclose their symptoms, resulting in a surgical team being sent home to isolate. Siragusa says people will not be denied care if they have symptoms, but the symptoms need to be disclosed so staff can wear the appropriate PPE.