February 22 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day which has the Joy Smith Foundation launching a new national initiative.

"The campaign we have is designed to educate people about the common signs that someone may be at risk of being groomed for human trafficking and lured into the sex trade," says founder Joy Smith. "We are having a joint launch with the Winnipeg Police Service and Manitoba RCMP."

A press conference is being held today at 11:00 a.m. called 'See the Signs' at the Winnipeg Police Headquarters. 

"The national campaign includes a compelling 60-second PSA. It features a series of out-of-home ads showing various use, triangular warning signs giving you different ideas of what to look for."

The physical signs are available for people to pick up and display in their neighbourhoods for free. There are nine different signs available from the Joy Smith Foundation and people interested can get them by calling 204-691-2455.

"We're looking for people to get those signs and distribute them within their own communities to protect their children."

What Parents Need to Know

Smith shares the fact is that, within one kilometre anywhere inside cities, someone is being lured into sex trafficking. 

"It can happen to anybody. Last year we looked up the percentage of where our survivors came from and 93 per cent of them were from the Christian community."

Smith and her team opened up the National Human Trafficking Education Centre last year to help bring awareness to communities across Canada to help prevent trafficking. 

"We believe as Christians, boy, it could never happen to us. It can happen to us and God expects us to be very alert and educated, and it's our responsibility to protect our own families."