After learning about allegations that Pornhub releases and profits off of sexual exploitation of children, TikTok became the next social media company to shut down its account. 

Earlier this year in September, Instagram suspended Pornhub's account because of the allegations. 

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) sent a complaint to TikTok after hearing it opened an account on the social media platform that attracts many youth. NCOSE says the China-based social media website removed Pornhub within hours of the group reaching out. 

Laila Mickelwait, founder of #TraffickingHub movement retweeted Pornhub's tweet on Nov. 23 stating that they made an account with TikTok. Mickelwait's tweet read "You aren’t on TIKTOK anymore."

TikTok shared with The Christian Post the reason they took down Pornhub's account was because it violated its community guidelines. 

"TikTok, as we know, is extremely popular with young people," says Lina Nealon, NCOSE's director of corporate and strategic initiatives. "And having a predatory, exploitative enterprise like Pornhub available to young people is normalizing this type of the industry and serving as implicit advertising."

In 2020, 70 MP's signed a letter to the police asking them to investigate the activity and legality of Pornhub and it's parent company, MindGeek. Not only did they believe it produced videos of children being sexually exploited but they also believe it publishes videos without people's consent. 

NCOSE has pressured social media platforms and other mainstream companies to do more to safeguard children from Pornhub.

While Instagram and TikTok no longer associate with Pornhub, Twitter and YouTube have yet to take any action against the company.