A Portage la Prairie family that received a devastating diagnosis for their six-year-old daughter has since been provided with some good news.

Elizabeth Willson had been feeling dizzy and nauseous for a couple of months before her family took her to a doctor. It was through a series of tests and appointments they located a tumour the size of a lemon, just above her cerebellum.

Elizabeth went for a roughly eight-hour surgery earlier this month and her mother Katharina says she's doing "considerably well."

"Her balance is doing much better since before surgery. Her endurance is still a bit low because we did do brain surgery. We're working on her endurance, but she's doing well with her strength," says Willson.

"(Her recovery) surprised all the doctors and nurses. They said they hadn't seen recovery for brain surgery like this so quickly before. So, you know God had a hand in that."

Post-surgery, Elizabeth has been doing schoolwork and walking. The doctor recommends avoiding strenuous activities like sports for at least three months so the space in her brain can return to normal.

"Right now, she's doing everything she was doing before surgery. We are waiting for the biopsy and to find out the results of that," says Willson. "So, that is the part of the journey we're in right now. So, depending on what those results are, will depend on what the next step is, and if she needs treatment."

So far, a GoFundMe page has raised upwards of $6,800 for the family during this crisis. Willson says all the support is truly a blessing.

"It's an outpouring of love from people we don't even know. It's crazy (and I think it's) God showing us how much he loves us through other people that we don't even know."

Although things may slowly be moving back to normal for the Willson's, they ask for continued prayer because the family isn't out of the woods yet.

"For those who pray, keep praying because we don't know what the next step is going to be, and we definitely still need prayer and strength," says Willson. "We're home, which is great, but there's more to come depending on what happens with (the) biopsy."


Written by Josh Jackson