Crews are cleaning up the wreckage after a natural disaster in Italy destroyed a cemetery.

Workers are attempting to pull over 200 caskets from the Ligurian sea after a cemetery perched on the cliffs above in the northern Italian town of Camogli collapsed. Two private chapels and hundreds of coffins poured into the sea.

Vigili del Fuoco, the Italian fire service, says no one was harmed during the collapse. 

Coastal erosion is being named as the cause. La Republica says locals told them "every hundred years the cliff changes its skin." 

The news outlet says workers heard a loud noise and began to feel the ground vibrate underneath them. Sounding an alarm and moving to safety, they captured the crack and collapse on video. 

vigin del fuoccoDivers, helicopters, and drones are working to recover the caskets. Nautical specialists are working to find more. (Vigili del Fuoco/Twitter)

The town's mayor is banning traffic in the area between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. until March 19.

Work is underway to recover and identify the caskets.