Christian singer and song writer, Laura Story, has announced that she and her husband, Martin, are not only having another child, but having twins!

She states that "if you know us at all and the three ring circus that is our lives, you know that this came as a great shock to us as well as an overwhelming blessing. We are still a little speechless, but trusting God as the giver of every good thing!"

 Laura is currently on tour with Casting Crowns and For King & Country for the Thrive Tour until May 3rd. She asks for prayers.

"With these two sweet blessings has come worse morning sickness than I could have ever imagined. I am currently on tour with Casting Crowns and there have been nights that I was unsure if I could pull myself off the couch to play my set. Please pray for my stomach to be able to take in and retain the nutrients my body needs. And pray that Josie will understand why mommy is resting more and not bouncing around with her as much."

She also asks for prayers for the two babies that they will grow up healthy both physically and spiritually.