Manitoba's own, Barbara Joy Siemens has released a song dedicated to mothers to provide encouragement with what they're going through.  

"For a couple of years, I've been saying to Sharalee [Smith], 'I need a song for Mother's Day and about mothers, you know, being a mother and a grandmother myself. Just a blessing and an encouragement for mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, your job is so important and there is Proverbs 31 that whole scripture is what the song is all about," Siemens says.

Siemens is constantly reminded of the power of a praying mother and she has seen it play out in her own life. "A mother's heart is praying 24/7 for your children, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren. If you are a foster mother, you are praying all the time for those children. Your job never stops, and the Lord will give you the strength."

Making the connection between children trusting their mothers with Christians trusting God to protect and guide them. "When you hold somebody's hand and a child reaches out to an adult, they're trusting and they're reaching out to you. And there is a feeling of hope that you have that you're going to help them. You're going to encourage them and there's answers for them."

She will be taking the stage at her home church, Oak Bluff Bible Church on Saturday, April 20 for a free worship night with special guests Nathan Keys and David Bracken at 6:30. 

Watch the lyric video for 'A Mother's Heart' below.