Author and editor Karen Stiller recently released Holiness Here, a book that invites readers to live a holy life alongside God. 

"I'm a writer that starts with questions and not answers," says Karen Stiller. "I was in church one Sunday and one of the priests, I'm an Anglican, prayed a prayer that went like this. 'Give us grace God to lead a holy life.'  I was immediately thinking, what does that mean for me?"

Stiller is a recent widow who lives in Ottawa. Her husband was an Anglican minister. On top of being an author, Stiller is the senior editor of the Canadian magazine Faith Today.

"My writing philosophy is 'ponder, don't preach. Explore, don't explain.' Through story, through scripture and contemplation, I think the reader will be able to think about, how am I already leading a holy life? How can I try a little more?"

Stiller encourages readers to grow in their faith and understand that people have the opportunity to change and grow. 

"We have a warm invitation to follow Jesus into wholeness, into healing, and into loving our neighbours. So much of our holiness is lived out relationally. It's actually not that mysterious."

To follow Stiller, people can visit her website.