Craft, Cost & Call: How to Build a Life as a Christian Writer (Friesen Press, 2019) is a new and welcome release into the world of writing books.

Written by veteran Canadian Christian writers Patricia Paddey and Karen Stiller, the book is intended specifically for writers of faith who want to grow in their craft, or establish a productive professional writing life; a goal the authors think is still possible, even in today's challenging publishing environment.

"We brought together all the lessons and tips we have learned, often the hard way, into one book," says Patricia Paddey. "We wanted to make it a little bit easier perhaps, for new writers coming up, or writers who may feel stagnant in their writing life and need a little shot in the arm."

The book, divided into the three sections of craft, cost, and call, contains practical guidance on topics like how to conduct interviews for stories, how to write great openings and endings, how to edit one's own work as well as work well with editors. The book offers guidance on topics like what to charge for a writing job and creative tips on how to find work as a writer.

"It is immensely practical," explains Karen Stiller. "We hope to save time - and maybe a little bit of agony too - for writers by sharing what we have learned in the writing trenches. This is the book we wish we had read years ago, when we started out as freelance writers and editors."

Craft, Cost & Call explores the spiritual side of the writing life, delving into the unique calling of a writer of faith, spiritual care for writers, as well as the responsibilities of writing to make the world a better place.

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