One of the original CCM artists, Amy Grant, is releasing her first ballad in 10 years called 'Trees We'll Never See.' 

"'Trees We’ll Never See' is one of those life-lesson, encouraging songs that remind us that we are not alone, we have a purpose, and the seeds we plant today are so important," says Grant on her Facebook page. 

The last album she released was How Mercy Looks From Here, which was released in May 2013. It was Grant's 18th studio album.

"Even if we ‘never see’ the fruit or the trees that grow from those seeds in our lifetime, it’s always important to invest in people, friends, family, and those we may never even meet."

The Grammy-award-winning singer is currently on a 70-date tour across the U.S.A. Last year Grant was forced to slow down from everything after a bicycling accident caused a head injury. Taking time to heal, Grant is back in full force singing and performing. 

Grant has another single that is set to be released this spring, however, there is no set date yet.