Brian Doerksen, a renowned Canadian Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader from Abbotsford, BC, and Marika Siewert, an award-winning director, actor, and recording artist based in Langley, BC, will stop in Winnipeg later this week. 

It's all part of Doerksen's Come Now is the Time to Worship Tour. 

"It's kind of a marking of 25 years of that song," said Doerksen. "We share some of the stories behind the songs and then we'll share our current singles we've done together."

This will be the first time that Marika has had the opportunity to visit Winnipeg. 

"I've never been," said Siewert. "I'm very excited to be there." 

The show will also feature a few extra special guests, including Winnipeg's Steve Bell. Doerksen's father will also make a digital appearance.

"He's turning 88 and he has a soaring tenor voice. He still sings strong," said Doerksen. "So, we do a duet with him on the screen and me on the stage."

Ahead of the Winnipeg show, Brian has released a new single called 'Healed by Love.'

"It's written in support of an amazing charity that runs children's hospitals in the developing world," said Doerksen.

But he says the most exciting part about this new single is that he recorded it with Marika's 17-year-old daughter, Zoey.

"Zoey's amazing and it's a real privilege to sing with her," said Doerksen. It was a special day to have her show up in the studio, track her vocals and then hear the mix."

"To have her experience some of these songs, and to experience them with Brian is great," said Marika. "I love watching them and how they light up."

The Come Now is the Time to Worship Tour will be in Winnipeg on Sunday, June 9, 2024, at The Meeting Place at 139 Smith Street. 

Tickets to the show can be purchased here.