Manitoba-based band The Color has released a new version of their hit song with Neon Feather.

It's been a full summer for the members of The Color, who are enjoying some time with their families now while remaining hard at work.

Jordan Janzen, lead singer for the band, says that the group has enjoyed changes in scenery over the past few months, travelling through parts of the US and new areas of Canada.

"Right now just new territories, new people; it's been lots of fun," shared Janzen.

In the midst of travels and family, however, the band has found time for a new project that they've just released.

Their song, "The Kind of Man," was first released in early February 2019 to an "overwhelmingly positive" response.

"We wrote the song in the season of life where we were becoming dads, some of us for the first time," says Janzen. "For us, the song was really just heartfelt and authentic and connected with us, and so we just hoped that would translate."

The song can connect with all members of the family. Fathers and young men, obviously, Janzen shared, but also mothers. For many women, the song serves as a reminder of what they should hope for in a man.

The decision to remix the song, Janzen says, came from a desire to reach a wider audience.

"When we released the song originally, we were really happy with how it sounded, but there's just a reality that different people connect with different kinds of music and different sounds and production value."

According to the lead vocalist, while writing the song the group was dedicated to sharing its message with as many people as possible. "For us, doing a remix was just kind of a way to make it a bit fresh for people who maybe enjoy a little more electronic-based music.

He says that they wanted to "give the song the best chance to be heard."

The Color teamed up with Neon Feather, a producer and programmer who has worked with artists like TobyMac, Britt Nicole, and Jordan Feliz. Janzen says the paring was exceptional.

"He took the vocal and built everything else around it," says Janzen. "He was really great to work with."

So far, the band has received extremely positive responses on the remixed song from both fans and radio

As for the potential of more remixes in the future by the band, Janzen says "definitely.

"It feels good to know that we're taking it in the right direction."