We love hearing your testimonies of how God is moving in your lives and communities. On Thursday Shannon Dueck sent in her testimony to the Dead Horse Sales & Rentals Talk & Text Line.

She shares an incredible story, that started out with a serious health scare. It ends with giving glory to Jesus. Check out her message in full, below. And share your testimony with us: you can call or text 1.877.951.2486 or email dj@chvnradio.com

Shannon's testimony:

On July 18th I was getting ready for my doctor’s appointment. I was going to go in and talk to him about sleep apnea as apparently, I snore like a freight train! Anyway, I was in the shower, and while cleaning my body I found a very large lump under the nipple of my left breast! The lump was visible with the naked eye and was about as large as half my fist. I messaged David and he quickly came home from the gym. When he saw it and felt it, the look of fear in his face was enough to scare me, but when he burst into tears that was enough to send me over the edge. Our life turned itself upside down instantly. We have so many plans for our future…Breast Cancer cannot stop those plans…can it?

So, we went to the appointment and my doctor found a secondary lump. Right away he was concerned and sent away for an urgent Mammogram (also for a sleep apnea test…lol). I took the rest of the day off work as I was emotionally spent and just needed to be with David and try and figure out the next steps in our lives. The doctor told me I should be hearing from Mammography within the next couple of days. When I still hadn’t heard anything by Thursday, I called the Mammogram office and was told it was a minimum 4-week wait…to me this is not URGENT at all. I booked a phone appointment with my doctor for July 25th. Friday David and I left for Minnesota for Lions meetings and then onto Austin for Reunion the following week.

When I got the call from the doctor on the 25th he was not happy! He called the Mammogram office and ½ hour later, the office called with a miraculous appointment for the next day at 245 p.m. So off to Boundary Trails we went for the Mammogram. The next day my doctor called to explain that yes there was something there and they wanted to send me for an Ultrasound of my Breast. I am now really freaking out and praying harder than I have ever in my life that I didn’t have Breast Cancer.

We got home from Austin the following Sunday, July 30th. On Monday our church had an Evangelist from Florida speaking in the evening. I told David that we should go if anything to boost my spirits. An hour before we left, I was in the shower and the lump was still very prominent and definitely still there. The speaker was AMAZING. He spoke directly from the Gospels, and it was the most moving sermon I had heard in a long time. I think I was crying most of the evening. Nick (the speaker) asked if anyone wanted prayer, of course I went and lined up. Nick and his wife Jasmine went around the room and laid hands on everyone that was seeking prayer. When the got to me Nick started praying, stopped in the middle of his sentence, looked me straight in the eye and said, “God wants you to have your miracle”. He just kept repeating those words over and over again. I am not sure why, but I just had this feeling that the lump was no longer there. I just kept thinking “it’s gone, I know it is gone”.

When we got home, I went straight to the bathroom and the lump was nowhere to be found. From the size of ½ my fist to absolutely gone within 2 hours. You can’t tell me it was hormones because they don’t work that fast! I walked into the bedroom, looked at David and said, “I can’t believe it worked…it’s gone!” …His response…” Of course, it did, its Jesus”! We of course decided I would still do my due diligence and go ahead with the Ultrasound.

August 22nd, at 11am I had my Ultrasound. I was quite concerned because the Ultrasound Tech was scanning my breast for a good 15 minutes. Was there something there? What were they seeing? “Ok you can get dressed and your doctor will contact you next week with the results”. I get back to the office with more questions than anything. How can there be something there when I can’t feel anything? Why do I have to keep waiting for answers? This is getting very annoying! Then at 152pm my phone rings and it is my doctor. “Shannon, I know you just had your Ultrasound, but I wanted to tell you, so you didn’t have to wait anymore. The Ultrasound Tech took quite awhile to do the test as the Ultrasound was not matching the Mammogram. There isn’t anything there. Its like it was never there. I know it was there, but now they are saying there is absolutely nothing there.” When I told him that I knew there was nothing there and told him my story, he responded with “Well I guess you got your confirmation”. I sure did!

Thank you Jesus…you have healed me!!