A Manitoba anesthesiologist is asking for people to resist blame and simply stay home to bring down COVID-19 transmission numbers in the province.

"My heart is literally breaking for our community," Renate Singh writes in his post made on Facebook earlier this month.

Singh says Manitoba is now sharing a COVID burden similar to what other countries have seen, with higher rates of transmission and death and numbers continuing to rise.

"We enjoyed a very long period of time essentially COVID-free here in Manitoba. We became complacent and believed it wasn’t coming here with the devastation it has left in other communities," says Singh.

"We are in very big trouble folks."

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Posted by Renate Singh on Sunday, November 15, 2020

The anesthesiologist attached photos of a contingency ICU space at Grace Hospital in Winnipeg. Singh says the space being used to treat ICU patients is usually the hospital's recovery room.

"Walls have been built, sealing off the main (operating room) from what was once our recovery room," Singh says. "At the time of this photo, the equipment was being moved in. By next week, this space will be filled with critical patients with COVID-19."

Singh says once the temporary space fills up, there will be few further options for COVID patients who require isolation beds.

"As space runs out, it is quite plausible that my anesthesia colleagues and I will have to care for these souls in what once was our operating room suites.

"The system is breaking along with the backs of those who are trying desperately to hold it together," says Singh.

Singh says in this time of crisis, his post is not laying blame or asking people to believe in any particular view. He does ask, however, that Manitobans unite to slow down the high daily numbers of COVID-19 in the province.

"There is no time for division right now," he says. "I am asking you, please ... stay home. Don’t give this virus more hosts in which it will play and reproduce."

Healthcare workers like himself, Singh says, are relying on Manitobans to fight with them by suppressing rates of transmission.

Manitoba's top doctor, Brian Roussin, has repeatedly called for Manitobans to stay home in past weeks.

"I understand that everyone is being asked to sacrifice, but I’m literally begging you to think of us and what we will have to endure if we do not collectively kick this thing," Singh says.

"It's up to US now. The people. The community. Lay it down. Love your neighbour. Send a virtual hug to a healthcare worker. We don’t know you but we are in the business for the love of humanity. Can we count on you???"