Manitoba artist Jordan St. Cyr talks about laying everything down before God in his latest single. 

Jordan St. Cyr has released his latest single, 'Lay It Down.' The song is the personal story and struggle of St. Cyr realizing that he is not in control.

"That's not easy," St. Cyr said about giving up control.

The idea for the song started back in 2013. St. Cyr was touring and playing in a number of places that wouldn't necessarily be classified as Christian. The Niverville artist was trying to speak to non-believers through his music and bring them to Christ.

One performance on the tour was more of a worship service. Something changed for St. Cyr that day.

"God just got a hold of my heart during that event," he said. "God was just calling me to lay down this idea of who I thought he needed me to be."

St. Cyr realized that God was calling him to speak to Christian's and lift them up. He had to give up his idea of what his career would look like.

"I think it's a daily battle," St. Cyr says about laying everything down before God. "Every time I sing that song I relive it."

In the bridge, St. Cyr talks about laying down his past, present and future, which he admits was a tough part to write and a tough part to sing. But he knows that God is in control, which he admits openly during the song.

"He's always going to have more years under his belt," St. Cyr smiled.

The single will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and other music services on August 10.

St. Cyr is getting a break in August, before heading out on the road through September and October.