Recent years have seen many artists struggle financially with live concerts being the bulk of many artists' income. COVID-19 has made an already difficult career choice even more so.

For Winnipeg based musician, Steve Bell, music is not only a career but a calling. For many years, he has created worshipful experiences and written music that speaks to the internal longings of the heart.

Like many artists, his presence has moved online. Facebook live concerts from "The Vault" are becoming a regular occurrence.

"People are overloaded by online content, but at the same time, they're looking for connection. Music can be comfort food. It is a way of going back and getting the feelings you had when things weren't as stressful as they are now. It gives you a little respite from the stress of these days. The nice thing about the internet is that we put it out, and you can access it when you need it."

essness feels like, that's what powerlessness feels like.' This could be really great for restoring empathy for those who have been suffering for years. COVID shows us that we are profoundly connected, even with the environment. There's theological backing for that, its called Triune Faith. God is a being of flourishing of the other, this is who God is and we are made in the image of God."