A local gospel singer is hoping her song about God's goodness will encourage and inspire those facing hardships. 

Bunmi Oduntan, who also goes by her singing name Bunmi Praise, has released her recent single 'You are Great'. 

"Earlier this year I went through a very troubling period. It was a time that I almost went into depression and had been disappointed by some people."

"The Bible says you don't put your hope and trust in man, but put everything onto God. However, I wasn't expecting what it did to me."

During this difficult period in Bunmi's life, one thing remained for her. 

"The only thing that kept coming to my mind is how great the Lord is, because He's the only one that can help out in stormy situations."

Bunmi knew that the only way through this period of time in her sadness was by resting on God.

"He is the greatest. God actually showed me how great He actually is and that is how 'You Are Great' came to me."

Bunmi Praise(Supplied)

She hopes that this song will be an encouragement to people who may be struggling right now. 

Bunmi Praise has been singing for over 30 years. For her day job, she is an HR professional in Winnipeg.

When it comes to singing and producing music, she says, "It's what I love to do. I am not forced to do it but it's my comfort zone."

Bunmi is also the co-founder of STO Global Concept which has a few functions.

First it is a non-profit organization set up to confront various life's challenges such as anger, depression, hunger, homelessness. They give to other organizations in need. 

Second, they have been hosting online praise and worship events, including ones in April, June, and August. They are having one this Sunday, December 13, called Praise Explosion, and STO Global Concept is hoping it will be an annual event.