Winkler Worship artist Jenny Franz is releasing her first single in hopes of encouraging listeners walking through tough seasons of life. 

Franz has been singing for as long as she can remember. She is now releasing her first single, with the help of Jordan Janzen from The Color, called 'Peace.'

"This song means a lot to my heart," says Franz. "I wrote this during a really tough season in my life. A close family member came to me and shared that he was about to commit suicide. I just remember feeling so out of control and so devastated. I sat down to my piano and I wrote this song."

Franz goes on to share that the family member was able to seek help and is doing much better. 

"I just felt like He [God] was saying to me, 'Jenny, I'm singing a song of peace over you, even in the midst of your greatest battle. I'm singing peace over you.' And so that's where the song was birthed."

When it comes to working with Janzen on this project, Franz shares, "I've done different projects with The Color, but also individually with Jordan and he's become a very good music mentor for me. This is such a new world for me and so to have someone who just kind of guides me and like run things by has just been amazing."

Growing Up Musical

"I've been doing music my whole life, grew up in a musical family. I was one of those kids that sang in my crib and was singing all the time. At some point, fear entered my life and it really blocked me from sharing that gift."

Fear held Franz back from sharing her musical gift until one summer when she attended a leadership development course through Winkler Bible Camp. 

"I had this encounter with God, and something switched inside of my heart, and it was like a 180-degree turn. I went from being so terrified of sharing my voice to like I could not stop singing. And it was just a really it was a really crazy moment in my life where God just took something that was afraid of, I literally had a phobia of microphones, and he just totally switched that and redeemed my life."

Franz shares that the rest is history. 

"My heart is that people would feel God's peace when they hear this. I just hope that people would know that there's hope in the midst of trial and in the midst of suffering. That God is so near to the brokenhearted and he brings a comfort and a peace that surpasses anything that we could ever find in this world."

Maverick City Music Connection

Franz helps lead worship at a few churches in the Winkler area of Manitoba. On top of releasing this new single, she is also touring with Maverick City Music this month. 

"I'm a part of the choir from Maverick City," says Franz. "I'm about to head to the states next week actually."

This past summer Franz was working on some music with the worship band in the U.S.A. and is now headed back on their extended tour. 

"I mean it's such a cool experience. The production, just what goes into these concerts is huge. It's really cool just to see the behind-the-scenes stuff and get to meet the artists and hang out with them."

Franz will also be part of the worship event, Bread We Break, in Winnipeg on November 27.