The day after Maverick City Music performed in a sold-out arena, they played a free concert for the most vulnerable people on the streets of L.A., sharing the gospel through song. 

The event Musiic Matters was put on by the ministry called L.A. Mission. 'Musiic' stands for Maintaining Universal Strategic Investments In Community (Musiic) and the mission's focus is to provide food and essential supplies to Skid Row residents.

"So honored to have partnered with @thelamission for the Musiic Matters event alongside our brother @kirkfranklin! We had an incredible time serving and worshipping with so many yesterday on Skid Row," says Maverick City Music on Instagram. 


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The Musiic Matters Summer Day of Service provided gospel music, as well as 3,500 meals between seven food vendors. They offered free prayer, free on-site showers, essential supplies, giveaways, raffles, and free haircuts.

"This was the biggest event in the over 100-year history of Skid Row," says L.A. Mission on Instagram. "This was an unprecedented moment where walls were broken down in ways that are historic to this neighborhood!!"

The event was free for all the residents living on Skid Row. 

"This was an unprecedented moment where walls were broken down in ways that are historic to this neighborhood!! When you think that we are less than 1 mile from the site of the Azusa Street Revival - Maverick City Music - you sparked a spirit-led moment in the tradition of our community that helped people come home and know they are part of the Kingdom, seen, and most importantly loved!"

The banner at the event explained the heart of the occasion, stating 'On a mission to spread love, hope, and acceptance.'

"Forever grateful to be able to bring the Kingdom and be a reflection of God’s love on this side of heaven!" says Maverick City Music.