A Winnipeg woman is sharing miracles in the midst of a Christmas celebrated in Winnipeg during the pandemic. 

Jackie Vanderdonckt just released her latest eBook called A Night Before Christmas.  

"My book is about a young, childless couple who are struggling in their Christian faith and get an unexpected knock at their door."

In this same way, Vanderdonckt and her husband Andrew, also an author, have no children. 

The book takes place in Winnipeg, during COVID-19, the night before Christmas in the midst of a blizzard. 

In the book, the knock at the door proves to bring along miracles and wonders as the couple welcome in a stranger.

"It describes how my husband and I are struggling writers and our faith in Jesus gets strengthened by the night spent with the male stranger," says Vanderdonckt.

Only 14 pages in length, the message of the book is one of hope. 

"Even though we're in dark times, if you have faith in Jesus, He'll give you strength. Keep praying," she says.

Vanderdonckt's faith has been a foundation for many seasons in her life. This book is her fifth published work.