"There seem to be so many things that divide, but in Jesus, we come together," says the lead pastor of Oak Bluff Bible Church.

The building is located just southwest of the Perimeter Highway outside of Winnipeg. 

"The grand opening went very well, the weather was amiable and pleasant. We had some bouncers for kids and that drew the small ones. We also had dignitaries and representatives from the RM, so that was nice to have the support. Owners of the building that we purchased came," says John Reimer, the lead pastor. 

Oak Bluff Bible Church has been gathering as a congregation for roughly 16 years but has been using a borrowed space in the local school or rec hall, setting up and taking down everything each Sunday. 

"We looked at different options for the building as far as the industrial area. It didn't materialize. Then all of a sudden we were informed that Access Credit Union, which is in the building, said they no longer wanted to rent the facilities and we were next in line."

After much prayer, and some negotiations, they came to an agreement. This meant the church could finally call a space their own. 

"It feels so good to be in this space, almost a sense of relief. When we first purchased it, COVID came in and that was a bit of a sidewinder."

The community came out to support the new church's building. The community came out to support the new church's building. (Supplied)

The fact that Reimer is the lead pastor feels God-ordained, as he and his wife were coming into a season of settling down. 

"We were missionaries for years in Mexico. We were at the stage of retiring. Then we got a phone call and they needed somebody to just come shepherd the flock during the interim and here we are. The Lord called us for such a time as this."

After many years in ministry, Reimer says at some point they will be looking for a lead pastor to take over. 

"We want to be a community church and connect with the people in the community, and want people to know that we care. We want to relate first and foremost in the horizontal and then of course with Jesus, to have a strong relationship with Him."

This coming Sunday the church is hosting a baptism service. 

"We're excited about that as people are coming forward and wanting to walk in Jesus' footsteps," says Reimer.