A divinely orchestrated meeting was arranged by God when local music teacher Heidi Korte met Linda Gauthier, a song writer, in Cobalt Ontario two summers ago.

Korte said, "It was a total God encounter. Her daughter's name is Heidi and my mother's name is Linda. We just met randomly and thought that's weird."

Korte said that Gauthier writes songs but doesn't sing and had asked Korte if she'd write the music for one of her songs that she wrote.

Gauthier sent her five different sets of lyrics and Korte felt she could connect to the lyrics called, "Wake Up Yesterday." 

The lyrics are about Gauthier's 21 year old nephew who died by suicide. It's about the loss of someone and wanting to go back in the past and wake up when that person was still there.

Korte said that she wanted to capture the raw emotion of grief in the music and referenced the raw emotions of grief that David expressed before the Lord, as well as Jesus on the cross.

She said, "Sometimes, people of faith are afraid to express those raw emotions."

You can find Heidi's music on instagram  and YouTube at Heidi Korte Music Studio.