Life has moments of messiness, trouble, struggle, and difficulty. Rod Machovec and his wife, Jennifer, know this all too well.

About 15 years ago, the couple went through one of the hardest times of their lives when they lost 12 people in the span of one year.

It was from that year of lament that Machovec's latest work, Music for the Mess: The Psalm Project was born.

"My dad died very suddenly ... and I was just absolutely devastated," Machovec shares.

The year went on and the Machovec's continued to struggle with loss. "It was just a very dark time ... and we were like, 'Is this life now?'"

Adding to their darkness of that year was the couple's ongoing struggle with infertility.

"We were in this tunnel of no life and lots of death," Machovec recalls.

bittersweet feeling to see his work completed.

"It's very surreal," Machovec says. "It's been a heart project that I've done outside of other projects for the past 15 years. It was something that didn't really have a timeline or a deadline but it was something I've always felt I wanted to do.

"It was laid on my heart years ago and it wouldn't go away."

At times, Machovec would put the project on a shelf, only to pull it down again sometime later and continue working on it."

"It was definitely a labour of love," says Machovec. "There were times that it was very frustrating and times where I wondered if it would be something just for me."

But the project continued on. As Machovec puts it, the album has been an extended Bible study - "15 years of pondering the Psalms.

t on, turned the lights down, turned the music up, and they just sat there and listened," Machovec says.

"This is an album for people who may never have even read a Psalm or entered a church ... it's a journey through experiences we have in life. There's trust, there's hope, there's joy; there's also loss, there's shame, there's forgiveness.

"I hope it can be something that means something to someone else, even one person. That would be extraordinary to me."