A local youth is taking part in a prestigious House of Commons Page Program. 

Vanessa Wiebe is one of 40 successful applicants from across the country, making it through all three rounds of the application process, including a French-speaking test.

She says it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. "It's just so exciting, I'll get to meet so many different people. I hope to gain a lot of different experiences, something way different than what I would find in Southern Manitoba."

Pages work in the House of Commons Chamber providing various services to Members of Parliament, the Speaker and Chair Occupants, and Table Officers. Pages collect and distribute official documents, deliver messages to Members and serve as a link between Members and their Hill offices.

Wiebe explains she strongly believes in democracy, saying "it's important the country runs in such a way that everyone has a say. Even if we're not in government, we're able to hear what's going on and be involved somehow."

The program begins August 26 and runs until August 2019. Wiebe notes she will be attending the University of Ottawa during the year as well, working towards a Political Science degree.