A street preachers arrest resulted in him being driven to a remote area before being left and re-arrested by London police.

According to Christian legal defence group Christian Concern, the video arrest made of UK street preacher Oluwole Ilesanmi on February 23, 2019 was followed by further police action.

Ilesanmi was arrested for breaching the peace, which was filmed by an onlooker concerned for the preacher's safety. The now-viral video shows Ilesanmi speaking with a man identifying as Muslim when the exchange becomes heated, leading to Ilesanmi's arrest by police.

Following his arrest, the preacher claimed police searched him before driving him to a remote area and de-arresting him.

When asked initially by a local journalist over email about the incident, Met Police denied having taken Ilesanmi away, explaining a different scenario where officers had walked the preacher 200 metres away before de-arresting him.

The denial was significant, said the Christian Concern, noting that GPS tracking within the Met Police vehicle that had taken Ilesanmi away confirmed his story.

On March 8, police responded with an adjustment to the story, now admitting to officers having driven Ilesanmi approximately 3.5 miles away, where he was left at a bus stop. Police explained this was because the man had indicated his intention to return to the Southgate tube station where he had previously been preaching, and they had wished to prevent a breach of the peace.

The story remained clouded, however, when Met Police assured the local press that officers had checked to ensure the preacher had appropriate funds to transport himself home. Despite police claiming Ilesanmi had a bank card on his person following his de-arrest, the preacher says he did not have any such card at the time when police searched him.

Further, bank cards are not an accepted form of payment on the bus line Ilesanmi eventually used to return to the city. No ATM's were located around the area. Another passenger agreed to pay Ilesanmi's fare to transport him home.