Love & The Outcome's Jodi King and Chris Rademaker hope their latest single will help people understand the real meaning of what it is to be blessed. 

"Our hope and our prayer is that everyone that hears it goes, 'I am blessed', like the real meaning of blessing. I am living in blessing," says Jodi King.

The new single, 'I’m not lucky, I’m blessed' was released on January 14, 2022, and took on a whole new meaning after the couple’s Nashville home flooded.

"This one is a really personal song. I feel like we pray and we journal and God is always in everything with us," said Jodi. "I kid you not, at the top of the year, last year. I had written, God, give me an elevated perspective on my situation because I was just frustrated."

In March of 2021, a rainstorm hit Nashville causing flooding across many communities in the city. Jodi and Chris's home was just one of the many destroyed by high waters. 

"Not just like a little basement flood like I had in Winnipeg when I lived there. This was the whole house, and we barely got out alive," Jodi explains. "Our entire street, all our closest friends, all of us, lost our homes in that flood. We had to decide, are we going to bulldoze this down and start from scratch, or are we going to elevate it?"

The pair decided to save the home and elevate it. 

"So, be careful what you pray for. We now have an elevated perspective, literally the treehouse," said Jodi. "The best part is, we wrote and recorded, 'I'm not lucky, I'm blessed' the week before the flood." 

Not only are the lyrics of the song powerful, but the music video takes it to a whole new level. The pair incorporates video of their home while it was flooded, as well as the moment it was elevated.

"We wrestled with that a lot. It was like, you know, is this too personal, you know? But, somehow seeing that little part of the video in 20 seconds, or you see the house go right off the ground, up in the air. I'm just so glad that got included."

'I'm not lucky, I'm blessed' is just one of the many songs that will be included on Love & The Outcome's new album, Only Ever Always, set to be released on April 1, 2022.

Today on Connections, Jodi King shares what it was like to watch her family home flood. She'll also talk about their latest single, I'm not lucky, I'm blessed and the inspiration behind their new album.