Alexander Grant debuted the second single off his album The Woods this morning on CHVN.

The new release is called "Hiding."

"It takes place in the Garden of Eden," Grant told us on-air this morning. "It deals with our shame, and when we go through feelings of shame, how God views it and handles it . . . he doesn't reprimand them right away. He's very gentle and slow to anger."

"Hiding" was actually the first song Grant wrote for The Woods project, and it comes from his own journey with mental health, including feelings of shame.

"Even though [God] still punishes them and sends them away from the Garden, He goes one step further and makes clothes for them so they don't have to live in their shame. So right there in Genesis - at the very start of the Bible - we have this beautiful picture of who Jesus is.

"The song's just about how when we're hiding in our shame, God comes and He pursues us, and finds us, no matter how big our shame is."

You can listen to part of "Hiding" right here:

Download the song or album here.