David Allan's life took a severe turn at 19 when an overdose left him clinically dead. But in those fleeting moments, he found a renewed purpose.

“When I was 19, I overdosed and clinically died and God saved my life," Allan says.

During his brush with death, Allan experienced a vivid moment. "I said, you know, while I was out of my body because I could actually see the room. And I said ‘Father, please don't take me because I'm too young,’ you know. And then all of a sudden, the doctor figured out what to do that second and help me out, and I came to.

This profound experience drove Allan to express his emotions and gratitude in the form of music. His song, "But for the grace of God," reflects his spiritual journey and newfound faith.

"So the song was written kind of in response to that where I really realized how real God was, you know, and how he was working in my life. And so the song basically is a reflection of that, how I'm surrendering to the Lord and He's just taking over, you know." 

The song was brought to CHVN's attention after Allan played it for the staff at Union Gospel Mission in Winnipeg. Allan says he came to UGM seeking help, and he found it in several ways.

“Well, I was struggling with addiction, and I needed help," he says. "And Ben, who's one of the chaplains, was absolutely excellent with me. He talked to me on the phone. He welcomed me in right away when I got there. And it was a simple process, actually.”

Allan says he quickly felt at home at UGM, pointing out that he could sense it was a Spirit-filled place.

"“It was good because they made it easy because they're full of the Holy Spirit, you know. So they had the grace of God on them. So right away I got offered a breakfast, and, you know, I hardly was in the door and they were trying to help me already.” 

Recognizing the depth of Allan's song, UGM decided to record "But for the grace of God." The track will be unveiled after UGM's youth event on October 13 and two banquets on October 14. The youth gathering also signifies Allan's first performance for a large group, and he'll also be sharing his testimony with the young people in attendance.

Today, Allan is actively involved with UGM, benefiting from their comprehensive program and attending Bible sessions.

“We get 10 Bible classes a week. And you know, there are other ministries that are a part of them too, and it's really, really good.”

He's honest about his life journey, saying that there have been plenty of times 

Allan hopes he can inspire others who are struggling with addiction. "I want them to know that they can do it, you know, with God's help. God is sovereign and he's very capable of helping, you know. So listen to the Lord, listen to the Holy Spirit and surrender."

As for the song, he says to listeners, "I hope they feel a sense of love and I hope it draws them really close to Christ."