Toronto-based band Manic Drive is releasing a new kind of music experience for their fans. 

This year has been hard on most bands as almost all touring and playing shows came to a halt when the pandemic hit. 

However, the band faced a different kind of challenge when one of the two brothers in the band had a major health scare at the end of September this year. 

After being rushed to the hospital Michael Cavallo found out he had stones in his gallbladder. Since that time he has fully recovered, and the band's recent song became an anthem, titled 'Thank God I'm Alive.'

Through the multiple hardships and losses, their latest project released today, November 20, is simply titled Vol 1.

The project is full of honesty and carries Manic Drive's signature edge-pop sound. The band says that this is the first of many volumes to be released in yearly increments.

Shawn Cavallo is the lead singer. The brothers started Manic Drive back in 2004 and are still going strong.

A pre-release on Vol. 1 is titled Champion and combined with other pre-releases on the album have already had over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone.