Many of our Made in Manitoba artists consider Nashville their second home. But would they choose it over Winnipeg when it comes to hockey? 

With the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators set to meet in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs for round two, many Manitoba artists who visit Nashville regularly are starting to hear just how passionate Predators fans are.

"They're pretty serious about their hockey," local artist Jordan St. Cyr laughed. "When I say I'm cheering for the Jets, I get these looks like 'how dare you.'"

"They really think they got this in the bag, so I'm hoping for an upset"

St. Cyr, along with a number of Manitoba artists, record music in Nashville regularly and have great relationships with many of the people down there. The Color is one of those artists. Jordan Janzen and James Shiels both love hockey but know there is a lot of passion down south as well.

"We definitely have some friends who are very, very intense Nashville Predators fans," Janzen said. 

"They really know the game . . . and they really think they got this in the bag, so I'm hoping for an upset," St. Cyr admitted.

Janzen and Shiels noted they haven't always been this way. They used to go to games in Nashville for $20, but over recent years, including last year's playoff run, the passion level has grown. However, Janzen still believes the Predators fanbase has nothing on Winnipeg's.

"They missed their team," Janzen explained about Winnipeg fans. "It's a different dynamic that no other team has."

The Jets and Predators play game one on Friday in Nashville. St. Cyr and Shiels are predicting a Jets win in six games, while Janzen thinks it will take them seven to move on.