Christian author Terrie Todd has picked up yet another award for her writing, and says it's been a humbling and exciting experience. 

Todd, from Portage la Prairie, has been busy writing as well as receiving awards for her writing. Her debut novel, The Silver Suitcase (Waterfall Press 2016), won the 2017 Word Guild award for Historical Fiction. Her second, Maggie's War, won the same award for 2018 while her third, Bleak Landing, was a finalist.

Now she has been recognized yet again, this time with the Janette Oke Award.  It's a biennial award given to authors "who shows a strong Christian commitment, desire to impact society with family and Christlike values in their work, belongs to Inscribe, and is innovative or brave in their chosen genre."

For Todd the timing of the award couldn't have come at a better time.

"Writing can be a lonely and discouraging thing a lot of times. When you can get that kind of recognition it helps keep you going."

But bigger than worldly recognition, the awards remind Todd that she's doing something bigger. 

"It's a good reminder I think that - and this is true for anybody who's ever had a dream, whether it's writing or something else - God plants these dreams in our heart, and He is for us

"If there's anything I could say to encourage people it would just be to remind them that God is for you. Give your gifts and talents to God who gave them to you in the first place. Always keep learning and growing in your craft, and it might take time, but time is nothing to Him. Trust Him for his timing."


You can find info on Todd's books at her author's page